Smart SolutionsTM
MoosePoint Technology and our partners have used TerraWeave to develop many innovative Geospatial solutions. Leveraging the same code-base as our products, these solutions can be implemented using our Standard Edition run-time environment or combined with Enterprise Edition providing you complete administrative capabilities.

Road Work AheadTM

Conditions that impact traffic affect the lives of citizens in a community. Foreknowledge of known road conditions can allow people to plan trips effectively, not only to their benefit, but to the benefit of the entire community.

Road Work Ahead is a set of applications that are used together to view, create & modify information about planned projects that affect road conditions made available on a real-time basis to the public over the internet. The end result is that related projects are more easily managed, hazardous conditions more easily tracked, and this information is easily relayed to the public in a form that is clear, readily-accessible and relevant to their geographic location.

To learn more, visit the Road Work Ahead page.

My NeighborhoodTM

My Neighborhood is intended for use by Local Government Agencies wanting to provide Geospatial information to the public with a focus on neighborhoods. With a My Neighborhood solution, you can easily provide answers to questions such:
  • "Is my property zoned for business?"
  • "What school would my kids go to?"
  • "Where's the nearest park?"
  • "How do I get to City Hall?"
  • "What day of the week do they pickup my trash?"
To learn more, visit the My Neighborhood page.

Meristem TechnologiesTM

Enabling vineyard and winery organizations to increase the value of their business information, Meristem Technologies makes the right information information quickly and easily available to more people. This is acheived through design, development and implementation of vineyard information systems utilzing the latest mobile, web and geospatial technologies.

MoosePoint Technology was the technology provider for Meristem Technologies from Meristem's inception in 2008 until 2013 when the business was acquired by a competitor.

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