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Hosted applications can increase awareness and demonstrate the value of GIS to larger numbers of people, both within an organization or to the public at large with relatively little commitment of the organization's resources required. As perceived value increases, GIS utilization and funding often expand as well.

MoosePoint Technology, Inc. offers hosting services to any client interested in publishing web mapping and mobile applications from a location outside of their own facilities. This includes both current clients wishing to establish internet sites in a secure facility outside their own "firewall," or those organizations not yet ready to commit the capital and staff resources to in-house Geospatial, web and mobile development, but have a clear need for a limited number of key applications.

Our turnkey service includes application development using TerraWeave and MobileFrame and deployment on our shared servers, in our state-of-the-art facility in Santa Rosa, California. We provide a variety of other services dictated by the unique needs of the client, which result in stable applications available 24 x 7 on the internet. In depth expertise in server management, network and systems integration, aplication development and web technology, are all critical skill sets in delivering sophisticated and highly usable applications and services of the highest quality. MoosePoint's professional staff doesn't settle for anything less.

There are several important variables in establishing both setup costs and on-going monthly costs, with application complexity, data readiness, and frequency of data updates chief among them. The following details our hosting facility, the nature of included services, and a description of how costs are determined.

If you are interested in hosting your applications on our servers, please contact us to request a quote.


Data Center Facility

We have partnered with to provide high security state-of-the-art data center. It includes the following features:
  • Extensive physical security with card-key and biometric access control, single point of entry, 24-hour on-site security staff, locking cabinets and cages, and CCTV

  • 24 x 7 Staffed Network Operations Center

  • Continuous Power Supply (CPS). Redundant high capacity diesel generators provide uninterrupted power in the event of an extended power outage.

  • Advanced HVAC

  • Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA)

  • Advanced FM-200 fire suppression system

  • Data center backbone trunks that range from OC12 to OC48

  • Numerous peering arrangements with a current network capacity exceeding 90Mbps

  • Backbone providers include UUNET, Cable and Wireless, Equinix, Pac Bell (SBC) and Mae-WEST

  • Fully redundant fiber connectivity utilizing diverse entry into buildings and diverse routing of fiber connections

  • 99.99% guaranteed availability of hosted applications to the Internet

Included Hosting Services

Onsite, skilled technical staff will coordinate all necessary hardware and software resources to ensure consistency and reliability of the production applications and environment. The following hosting services will be provided:

Initial Set-up

This first step in the hosting process is intended to establish the technical foundation, including data update processes, which ensure that the hardware environment is stable and secure, and that all applications are equally secure, highly available, and meet the highest quality standards for usability and performance. This setup covers hardware and software installation and configuration for fully functioning applications.

In the case of new hosting clients who provide application-ready data, it also includes the initial development of a small number (generally, 1-3) of simple applications that can all share the same map service, and having a limited number of layers (generally, 5 or less). In all cases MoosePoint asks that clients assume full responsibility for data accuracy and validity. Prior to releasing applications to a production environment, we ask that clients verify and accept application function and data validity using their own testing procedures.

One Time Setup includes:

  • Availability of the following services:, TerraWeave, MobileFrame Server, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Windows and Linux web servers;

  • Account set-up including server configuration, internet connectivity, and security configuration;

  • Initial application installation and/or development and installation;

  • Data load to database environment, and establishment of on-going procedures for reliable data updates;

  • Review of hosting and data update procedures with key client contacts;

  • Verify application operability, including installation, data availability, application function and security, and client connectivity;

On-Going Services

The services listed below are standard services. They may be modified to suit a client's individual requirements. The data update procedure established initially needs to be rigorously adhered to; MoosePoint assumes that all data provided by the client is valid and formatted as agreed to in the initial set-up procedure.
  • Daily application monitoring to assure availability, 24 x 7;

  • Monthly web activity and status reports on application activity provided by email to designated account;

  • MoosePoint evaluation of system resource loads and client data transfer needs;

  • Standard data transfer allocation is typically 2-5 gigabytes (GB) per month. Data transfer exceeding the monthly allocation will be billed in one hundred megabyte increments at our standard rate;

  • Regular data updates for all data formats included in the initial application setup; data quality verification to be completed by client before moving to production status; Updates occurring more frequent than the agreed upon interval or exceeding the standard data sizes indentified above are not included in the standard hosting costs;

  • Server security / operating system updates and software updates;

  • Backup and Recovery Services as needed;

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If you are interested in hosting your applications on our servers, please contact us to request a quote.

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