At MoosePoint Technology, we pride ourselves in producing premier custom and shrink-wrap applications and software solutions. Our experience is second to none. In fact, one of our founding partners was instrumental in the design and development of the first version of Arc/Info - ESRI's flagship product. MoosePoint Technology has extensive experience providing Geospatial solutions using the entire suite of ESRI products.

While our primary focus is spatial technologies, the qualifications of our staff extend well beyond Geospatial with demonstrated capabilities in mobile development, e-commerce, Windows services, database programming, order processing, workflow, manufacturing and cash register/pricing. Our solutions range from small, light, easy to use desktop applications to large scale, 3-tier client/server solutions.

Core Capabilities

  • Web-based geospatial solutions usiing our TerraWeave Geospatial Framework
  • Mobile data collection using MobileFrame and Windows Mobile
  • Complete hosting services
  • Custom Application Development with ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Engine
  • Internet/Intranet Site Design and Development
  • Relational and Spatial Database Design and Implementation
  • Spatial Data Creation and Modification
  • Data Automation and Conversion
  • Systems Integration, Design and Specifications
  • Reseller of ESRI and MobileFrame Products

Custom Web-based Geospatial Solutions

Our TerraWeave Geospatial FrameworkTM replaced our original ArcIMS Companion product with dramatically increased functionality, an updated interface and support for over 30 additional sources of spatial data.

Here at MoosePoint we "eat our own dogfood" and use TerraWeave to create our custom web-based geospatial applications. TerraWeave provides robust mapping functionality out of the box, allows for seamless integration with existing websites, and works with the HTML5 frameworks from Sencha for both desktop and mobile solutions.

Consecutive Conditions

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For more information about TerraWeave and our other geospatial products, visit our products page.

Mobile Application Development

Need mobile solutions for use with iPhones, iPads, Androids phones and tablets? We do that too. For mapping, our TerraWeave product supports touch devices. Need enterprise/level mobile solutions for use with Windows Mobile? MoosePoint Technology is a Value Added Reseller for the MobileFrame Enterprise Mobility Platform. Using MobileFrame, we have extensive experience in developing mobile applications for data collection using the Windows Mobile environment.

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For more information about our mobile products, visit our mobile page.

Complete Hosting Services

MoosePoint Technology, Inc. offers hosting services to any client interested in publishing geospatial and mobile web applications from a location outside of their own facilities. This includes both current clients wishing to establish internet sites in a secure facility outside their own firewall, or those organizations not yet ready to commit the capital and staff resources to in-house Geospatial, web and mobile development, but have a clear need for key applications.

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For more information on our hosting options, visit our hosting page.

Database Design and Implementation

The MoosePoint Technology staff is constantly faced with interfacing relational database management software, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and ORACLE. MoosePoint Technology can assist you with all your database needs. Our experience ranges from small simple database structures to multi-server data warehouse implementations.

Internet Application Development

Key MoosePoint Technology personnel oversaw the planning and development of an award winning e-commerce website. Implemented using multiple web servers and database servers, the website handles high volume web traffic, orders and customer service inquiries. An additional requirement was to interface the database with diverse internal legacy systems and external partners. ESRI technologies were utilized to provide an interactive store locator.

Development Environments and Languages

The staff at MoosePoint Technology have extensive programming expertise and maintain current knowledge of evolving development environments.

  • / C#
  • Javascript / Node.JS
  • Bootstrap JS / AngularJS
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostGres / PostGIS
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcIMS
  • ArcGIS On-line
  • Windows Server
  • Unix / Linux
  • Amazon Web Services
  • VMWare / Zen / VirtualBox

Other Services

While the primary focus at MoosePoint Technology is creating innovative solutions, using our in-house staff and strategic partnerships, we also offer a full range of additional services:

  • Geospatial and Mobile Needs Assessment
  • Spatial Modeling
  • Data Automation and Conversion
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • On-Site Support and Assistance
  • Application-Specific Training and Mentoring

Management Approach

The MoosePoint Technology representatives with whom you meet are the personnel who will be performing the work on your project. Our staff works closely as a small cohesive team with interchanging roles. This allows Moosepoint Technology to more effectively analyze your project, assign tasks, and integrate solutions. Each team member has intimate knowledge of the full scope of your project maximizing flexibility and responsiveness to your communications, needs and requirements.

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